Go-eun Ma
Go-eun Ma
Vital statistics
Position Protagonist
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Personal attributes
Occupation Ghost House staff member
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Jack Bland (fiancé)

Go-eun Ma is the main protagonist, along with Jack Bland in the series. Due to her past, she is an "emotionless doll". She goes to Ghost Jack's House in hopes of winning a million dollar prize to save her and her parents' ghost house.

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Her withdrawn personality gave her an advantage during the Ghost Jack's House challenge. She is not scared like a normal person, due to being raised in a haunted house. Several times she is seen chasing ghosts throughout the mansion to learn their scaring tactics. As a result of her fearlessness, or abnormal personality, she was able to make it to the last day of the challenge.

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As a child, Go-eun was cheerful and smiled all the time. She enjoyed singing, particularly in front of her mother. However, after her mother's accident, she became very depressed and withdrawn. Her depression worsened after being sent to the mental hospital. In order to cope with her depression and guilt, she became a "doll" so she does not feel emotion. As a result, she became an outcast, often being called a "ghost".

Once Go-eun meets Jack Bland, her doll personality begins to break away. At first she is hostile to him, but gradually grows to love him. The two bond over music, his piano, and her singing, determined to finish the deal with the Devil. When she learns that he was the one who playing for her in the mental hospital, she has a epiphany, realizing her true feelings for Jack.

Past Edit

Spoilers Below
As a child, Go-eun was friendly and cheery, loving her parents very much. When she wanted to see her mother working at the ghost house, she accidentally tripped, causing some wires to catch on her mother's neck, suspending her from the ceiling as if being hanged. Afterwards, she only watched her mother's corpse for 5 hours until her father came.

Traumatized, she became emotionless and was sent to the mental asylum. There, she spent her time singing and was dubbed "The Siren" because of the effects she had on patients. Similarly to sirens luring sailors to their death with their voice and beauty, patients exposed to Go-Eun's voice became hysterical and had to be moved to a different room. Coincidentally, Jack was in the room next to hers and the two found solace in each other--Jack with Go-eun's singing and Go-eun with Jack's music and piano playing. Charmed by her voice, Jack then created a false appearance about Go-eun believing she was gorgeous with a lovely personality.

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Jack Bland Edit

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She and Jack met when they were next door in the mental hospital. Jack wanted to hear her sing, so he played a song he created. Go-eun decided to sing along, and so they played and sang together. At the same time, Jack created a image that was completely different from what she looked like. They were reunited in the his house, both not realizing each other at first until much later.

Jeong Yu-ho Edit

They used to date, until she found out that he didn't love her at all. In a plot twist, Go-eun caught Yu-ho claiming she had no sweet feminine side, she turned him off, she was too gloomy, and she never smiled. Angered by his comments, she poured soda on his head, and said that he will "fail in everything". Surprisingly, he failed all of his tests, and she was nicknamed curse girl and witch. Yu-ho went on to hate Go-eun for making his life miserable. Powered by the "curse" and his misfortune, Yu-ho mocks Go-eun and her father for their poor business with the ghost house they run in his amusement park. Near the end of Season 2, Yu-ho seems to become slightly charmed by Go-eun's appearance and takes pity on her.

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  • (To Jeong Yu-ho in Chapter 2) - "You will fail in everything."
  • (To Jack Bland in Chapter 62) - "Who are you?"