Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Personal attributes
Occupation Butler
Ghost House staff member
Family Unknown

Sebastian is the primary antagonist. He makes a bet with Jack, giving the deceased musician ten years to compose a song as good as his first, or sacrifice his soul.


Depending on the situation, Sebastian can take on any form he so desires. While in the Dunn Rose Mansion, he appears as an elderly butler. Later, at Go-eun Ma's Ghost House, he takes on the appearance of a black-haired youth.

His true form is a humanoid black mass with glowing white eyes, leaking tendrils of darkness. This form typically has formal wear and a monocle.



Not much is known of Sebastian's origins, but he is a very old being who has been collecting souls for many years. However, his collection seemed to pale in comparison to Jack, which is why he wagered them all to obtain Jack's soul.

Spoilers Below
He sent the letter to Jack which read "Come and see me." Jack mistakenly thought it was from Misha; and after his death, Sebastian fooled the authorities, causing them to never notice Ryan's blood under Jack's nails.


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